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London Training Events

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Working with Girls Affected by Violence and Exploitation ( For Practitioners. Full day. In person)

Wed 10th Jul 2024

An introductory course to understand the specific needs of girls and young women who are affected by violence and exploitation including criminal and sexual exploitation. The course aims to Increase understanding and awareness of girls and young women’s experiences Explore how young women’s experience of harm in may be overlooked, misunderstood and/or impacted by victim blaming, stereotyping and bias. Provide guidance on identifying, responding to and supporting young women Increase confidence in applying learning in practice Delivered by Safer London

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Transitional Safeguarding in Youth Justice ( For Practitioners. Half day 9.15am-1pm on TEAMS)

Fri 6th Sep 2024

A half day course exploring how to ensure best practice for youth justice practictioners. The course will cover • Understanding the principles of Transitional Safeguarding • Exploring concepts of responsibility and autonomy • Reviewing best practice to support desistance into adulthood Delivered by Dr Roberta Evans, Vlinder Consultancy.

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Risk Assessment and Good Lives- for Practitioners and Managers ( Half day on TEAMS) 19 APRIL FULL. PLEASE BOOK ON OTHER DATES.

Fri 27th Sep 2024, Thu 14th Nov 2024

A half day course exploring risk, Assetplus and the Good Lives model. The course includes: • Identifying how AssetPlus informs risk assessment • Explaining how the Good Lives model supports planning for desistance • Practicing using effective tools to increase the child’s engagement • Reviewing best practice principles Delivered by Dr Roberta Evans, Vlinder Consultancy

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Looking After You-a practical course to improve your well being (For Practitioners. Delivered over two half days. 9.15am-1pm. On Teams)

Thu 10th Oct 2024 - Fri 11th Oct 2024

A practical course for practictioners to improve well being, run over two half days. Participants must be able to attend both sessions. The course will include • Exploring ‘well being ’ and what that means to us • Understanding vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout, and how they differ • How to identify your own risk factors • Exploring the impact on home and professional lives of the work we do • An opportunity to review your welll being currently and plan your next steps • Resources will be available for support and further information

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